Art Challenge (7/9/18): Create a Nekomimi

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Art Challenge (7/9/18): Create a Nekomimi

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In celebration of CloudNovel’s 3rd birthday’s Neko Week our next art challenge is….


Create yourself or your OC as a NEKOMIMI (cat humanoid)! We want you to draw your character (or yourself) with cat ears and a cat tail!

Here are the rules it MUST have

1. Your character must have cat ears.

2. Your character must have a furry tail(no lizard tails please, or scales, we’re not designing fish people):

3. Your final drawing should look something like this:


Impress us with your own design of a Nekomimi version of your OC! We are anxiously awaiting to see what kind of nekomimi your OC would be (or yourself) 😉

Good luck!

Make sure to send a PM to Sonya with your design. or post your art in the art-challenge channel on discord or send a discord message to Sonya on discord to make sure your art work is submitted for the gallery showcase.

4 Responses

  1. Aparajitha says:

    Can we get more details.
    As in should we only post digital art or pencil art?
    What should be the size of the image?
    Can it be a guy?

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