The Neko Personality Quiz

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The Neko Personality Quiz

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Take the Neko Personality Quiz:

Name: Sakura
Personality: Shy and mature, loves flowers and tea
Winner: ImmortalityName: Aiden
Personality: Polite, gentle, caring, and a bit condescending. Like a butler
Winner: MustacheSkullsName: Lucy
Personality: Happy and energetic
Winner: LunaliloName: Viola
Personality: Shy and mysterious
Winner: Sian2982007

Name: Xavier
Personality: Cocky, Sarcastic, but embarrassed when in love
Winner: ApocBeastMode898

Name: David
Personality: Gentle Shy and caring, and quiet
Winner: AlexOCreator

Please take this personality quiz to find out which Neko character are YOU. At the end of the quiz there is a code to redeem 300 points, enjoy!

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