Art Challenge Week 15: Angel vs Devil

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Art Challenge Week 15: Angel vs Devil

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Hello, everyone~ As usual, we will be having our weekly challenge and this week challenge is….dum, dum, dum!




1. You have to draw a character with two personality which is as an Angel and Devil.

2. Keep it SFW.

How to Participate?

Once you are done, send your artwork either through:

  1. CloudNovel PM to Sonya OR DAX OR Otometaku
  2. Post on art-challenge in discord. (Very recommended) To do so, make sure to ping @art challenge or @moderator just so your art won’t drown in the flood of comments.
  3. DM on discord to Sonya or DAX or Otometaku

Make sure if you are sending the artwork using a link, the link is working properly. Therefore, it is just very recommended to upload on discord.

Finally, will you impress us? We will be waiting on the other side, so send us a lot of artwork! As usual, we will put your artwork in the gallery showcase.

Good luck!

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