Writing Challenge Week 3

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Writing Challenge Week 3

week 3

Hello and heya!

If you don’t know, we have been doing Writing Challenge in discord for weeks and for the first time ever, we are going to put it on the blog from now and onwards. Submitted entries will be put on the visual novel showcase, Writing Challenge.

This week is the third week we are doing it and the themes for this week is…

  1. Rock Star(s)

  2. If you/I have wings

  3. Rocks and Gems

  4. Angel vs Devil (art challenge collab)


  1. Use any of the above themes. You can use more than one if you want.
  2. Keep it SFW.

How to Participate

Write your entry, (recommended using google docs but you can always use other program), share the link and the theme you are using on:

  1. noble-art-of-writing channel in discord (please mention that it is an entry for writing challenge and please ping @moderator), or
  2. copy and paste the link in google docs here (recommended) or
  3. comment the link below.


Good luck!

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