Art Challenge Week 16: Everlasting Summer

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Art Challenge Week 16: Everlasting Summer


As summer comes to close, we present you the week 16 art challenge: Everlasting Summer! I hope that everyone have had a great summer and will continue to have a wonderful (school) year!!

Everlasting Summer

Draw yourself or an OC (original character) participating in a summer activity


  1. Original character.
  2. Any summer activity works! (Ex: camping, swimming, beach volleyball, etc)
  3. Swimsuits are allowed and encouraged by please, please keep it SFW.

How do I participate?

One you are finished, please send your work through:

Post on art-challenge in discord (please tag @ArtChallenge or @Moderator so we will be notified of your submission!)


CloudNovel Private Message to Sonya, Otometaku (me!), or DAX


Discord DM to Sonya, Otometaku, or DAX

The due date for the submission is midnight on Monday, which is September 9th.. Your artwork will be showcased on Thursday here.


We look forward to seeing your artwork 😀

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