Writing-Challenge week 5!

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Writing-Challenge week 5!



Writing-challenge #5 starts!


Hope you all enjoyed week #4 thanks for all your entries ^^

Here we go with the new themes, the 1. one was suggested by Orsus ^^




  • 99 Words-limit
  • Nightmares
  • What I want to be/do




(Art-challenge didn’t end yet)


have fun everyone! ^w^

Where to post your links:

  1. Post a link to your file in the doc. (most recommended)
  2. Link to the Doc: week 5 Doc
  3. Post it as a comment in the Blog.
  4. Post it as a comment in the Forum.
  5. Link to the Forum-post: Forum-Post:


1.Please post the link to your file as a comment in the Blog,Forum or link it in the Doc!

2.You can write with any program or format you like for example:


Doc’s, txt., word etc. just please upload them and post the link here

4.List the used themes. You can combine any of these themes even with the art-challenge-theme!

5.If you write something for the art-challenge please note that it is a link for the Art-challenfe theme.

6.No 18+ content.

7.Don’t copy others writing-entry’s.




Writing challenge: ends on 7.09


Art-Challenge: still active

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