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CEO Public Apology


I want to issue a public apology on my unprofessional-ism on the CloudNovel twitter account.

For those who have followed our twitter, you may have seen me posting personal rants and selfies of myself on the official CloudNovel twitter account. The CloudNovel staff have spoken to me about this, and I have deleted all personal tweets related to my personal life on the company twitter account.


As CEO I want to apologize to you all about my unprofessionalism on the company twitter account. As we only have 300 followers, I thought it was in my liberty to use the CloudNovel twitter for my personal life. I apologize as CEO for doing this as this has damaged our company’s reputation.

From now on the cloudnovel twitter account will be shared among all the staff members of CloudNovel including the discord moderators, investors of CloudNovel, as well as myself (CEO).

We will only post professional content and I will no longer be using the CloudNovel twitter for my personal affairs.

Another thing is the random site server take downs. Over the past few days I have taken down the server/site without prior notice and this has resulted in bugs of many of the games edited by users during the time of the site take downs. I want to apologize, as it was not professional of me to take the site down without at least a 10 minute warning. This has resulted in many bugs in people’s games, and it is completely my fault.

As CEO, I deeply apologize for my unprofessionalism. I will not let this happen again.


Thanks for reading,

Sonya Fung

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