Weekly new resource and VN Feb 8th

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Weekly new resource and VN Feb 8th


New resource

Here are the new resources of this week. Sonya shared 5 characters from her game Sknight and cat Kyle. She’s allowing them to be used on CloudNovel only.

For background, we’ve gathered some quality stuff from Mythogamer’s deviantart. They are free to use, but remember to credit!

Last but not least, Lenore made a “close” button for save/load screen. Since you have to add your own close button if you’re using custom save/load screen, this asset will be useful!



New Visual Novel

We have 3 new visual novels this week

  1. Love doctor by cydeways is a short dating sim where the love interest is an SCP.
  2. Frostbite by Neeka is one of the entries for Jolly jam. It’s still very short, but it has professional-looking interface and gorgeous character design. Totally worth playing!
  3. The fall of iceland by Ayikol, another entry for Jolly jam. You play as a girl with no memory of her past who wakes up in a foreign land.

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