engine news Feb 15th

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engine news Feb 15th


Another busy week has passed. Our Princess is doing her best bug-hunting.

New feature

In the setting tab of your visual novel project, there’s now a box for credits. This is where you write the names of the team members (writer, developer, artist, composer, etc) and/or credit the owners of the assets in case you’re using free assets. If you’re using free assets, links to the owner’s page is appreciated.

Why is it being separated in another box? To make your game description less crowed as well as to remind everyone to add credits for your games. As you might have noticed, in search results when you click on the “show more”, you can see the whole description of your game. But if the description also contains credits and links, it becomes very long and messy. Now the credits part will only be shown under the description, on the page of your visual novel.


Scheduled features

  • Character voting poll. Sonya has been working on it since last week, but it hasn’t been finished yet. It should be released around today or tomorrow.
  • In the weekend, Sonya will start working on private messages system on CloudNovel site

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