Little Did You Know: Secret 002

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Little Did You Know: Secret 002

Secret 002

Heya, CloudNovelist!

This Empress is back again with more secrets buried deeply in CloudNovel. Well, actually not really… In fact, I’m surprised when I found out that some CloudNovelist did not know about these so-called ‘secrets’. Without further ado, I will reveal the secrets that you might not know too.


Secret #1

Apparently, we can change the colour of the scene map! GASPU! What? You never heard of this before? Humu, humu… It’s okay. Now you knew.

Want to know how? It’s really easy.

First, open your scene map.

Then click on Map.

Next, click on Color.

Mess around with your choice of color.

Boom! You got pretty colorful scene map!


Secret #2


You have questions? Don’t fret! We just added a collection of Frequently Added Question to the site.

All you have to do is giving the site some nice and smooth scrolling to the bottom of page and click on the FAQ.

There you go, FAQ! Totally-A-Magic!


Secret #3


Doesn’t it look good? It looks just purrfect! So, other than looking good on the profile, do these roles have other use? It will, once we have a forum!

Currently, the list of roles we have is:

  1. Writer
  2. Artist
  3. Designer
  4. Developer
  5. Musician

If you are interested in having roles, you just have to ask one of the moderators in CloudNovel. How? You can leave a comment below, state your username and the roles you wanted or you can join our discord and ping @Moderator in #question.

That’s all for today! Let’s meet again in the next Little Did You Know once I uncovered more secrets! See ya!

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