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Jolly Jam Winners


Hello everybody, this is Sonya here.

We’ve had some amazing and charming winter stories created for this year’s Winter Jam, the Jolly Jam 2018-2019.

Let’s start with the runner ups!


This is a very charming demo of a story about a fairytale prince in a winter wonderland. You play as Mirra, a girl who was saved by a sprite or magic being from the bitter snow blizzard. You are faced with a decision to kiss or not kiss the sprite to thank him for saving your life.

Overall I blushed and giggled at the romantic gesture to our savior. It’s a short demo, but overall I am very intrigued and I hope Neeka continues this story. It has great potential to be a great romantic comedy (if that is what she is aiming for).

Overall it is a great visual novel demo, and worth a try. Not to mention the art of the characters is GORGEOUS!

This game deserves 4000 points! Congratulations Neeka!


Fall of Iceland

I must say, I like the intro music. It’s very cinematic, and pulls the emotion of a fantasy drama into your mind. Overall it has good content and good story. Being a female POV the male characters pulled my heart strings just like a classic otome game that is DONE RIGHT. AKA the male characters have chivalry and reminds me of young adult romance where the male lead is very strong and seductive with the gestures of carrying you without you even having to ask the male characters carry you, treating you like a princess.

Overall great sound track, and I will reward you with 3000 points!


Now let’s talk about the winners.

3rd Place

Falling into you

After receiving a letter from your secret admirer, you go on a quest to find out who is the person who sent you this letter! What I especially loved about this visual novel is the unique art style. I’ve played Astara’s visual novels before, she did a great job with the summer jam visual novel all on mermaids so it was very nice to see her art style again on the opposite season (not summer) winter!!!

It’s got a lot of choices that make the story of this game interactive and fun! Overall it’s got a great premise and I hope she finishes this game eventually! If you’re looking for a charming winter story to play while sipping hot chocolate, this is the one 😉

For winning 3rd place, Astara will receive 5000 points!


2nd Place

Miyagi’s Shell

This is a sad story about a surprisingly popular girl at school who is afraid to talk. You play from a male POV and you become close to Miyagi, who is quiet due to her emotionally abusive father. She wants to perform in the school talent show but is afraid to sing because her father tells her that nobody wants to hear her ugly voice, so she has closed off herself and stopped talking completely. As Miyagi’s friend, you help her come out of her shell as she finds the courage to play in the winter school talent show.

Overall it has a lot of story, and content, much more than the majority of the rest of the entries of the jolly jam. For winning 2nd place, SynTheOtaku has won 10,000 points!

1st Place

Flower of the North Star

Flower of the North Star is the clear winner of the Jolly Jam. It’s completed, and has a great charming story. The art style is unique to ZodiacStories and the game has a lot of mini game content. It is a well thought out story about a stubborn and lonely giantess. She befriends a Sheppard boy who helps her bring a special flower to the queen of fairies.

I won’t spoil it, but the story leaves you with a smile on your face. You will smile at the ending 🙂

For winning 1st place, ZodiacStories has won 50,000 points as well as a special title on her profile page!


Overall all the entries of this year’s winter jam have been fantastic. For those interested in watching my live stream of all these games, here is the link to the youtube videos:

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