Engine news Feb 22nd

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Engine news Feb 22nd


New feature

Popularity poll

Let your players vote for their favourite characters in your visual novel! You can vote once everyday in each visual novel, for free.

If you create a free visual novel, you can put up to 3 characters into the poll. Premium visual novels can have unlimited characters in the poll.

What’s the prupose? For fun, mostly. Throw your hearts at your favourite character.


Scheduled feature

Private message system

It’s planned to be popup box that can be opened without moving to another page. This is a preview.


More news

Some months ago, Sonya added some new parts to visual novel descriptions: maturity tag, development status, credits. Fluffness is editing these parts in visual novels by unactive users/users who haven’t edited them yet. However I can’t assure you I’m putting what is supposed to be (expecially maturity tag and status), so please check them when you come back.

I’m also updating some visual novels that use the custom save/load screen to fix the “close button” bug. For all those who missed the news: because of an engine update, you’re required to add your own close button if you use a custom save/load screen.

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