New vn/resources Fed 22nd

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New vn/resources Fed 22nd

New visual novels

The Witch of Pondgulch: a very professional-looking visual novel with great art and story. Totally worth playing!

Ardel’s life is simple: she follows the rules, and she tries to be good. But when a new student crashes in to her bland life at the Pondgulch Girls’ Charity School and townspeople start looking for someone to blame for recent tragedies, things may not stay simple for long.

The beast impact [Beta]: a visual novel in Thai. I can’t understand it so I won’t comment. Take a look if you can understand the language 🙂

New resources

this week we have a lot of new resources added to our CloudNovel collection! Special thanks to mintythewolf who shared Alex, Kiora, and Park with us. Also a big thank you to Neeka who collected more resources from Aki +Wattibi, Aeynit, Melissa Krautheim, 空想曲線, Angelee

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