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Monthly newsletter Feb 2019




For our first montly interview, we’ve decided to ask Neeka to be our guest. Neeka is famous in our community mostly because she collects free assets from various sources and shares them with other Cloudnovelists in the resource section of our site. She also created various visual novels, though most of them are currently not public. Generally speaking, she’s an experienced creator, who also managed to get a project crowdfunded. Read the full interview here.



Our latest jam, the Jolly jam, has ended this month. The themes are WINTER and/or HOLIDAY.

Not many Cloudnovelists joined this time, but we still got some very nice entries. Sonya has choosen 2 runner ups (Neeka, with “Frostbite”, and Ayikol with “Fall of Iceland”) along with the 3 winners ZodiacStories ({}{Flower of the North Star}{}), SynTheOtaku (Miyagi’s Shell), and Astara (Falling into You). More details and reviews here.

Live streams of the judging process (Sonya’s gameplay): part 1   part 2



February is the month of Valentine’s day. Our empress DAX collected a short list of great romance visual novels you should play! List here.



CloudNovel is very simple to use, but nonetheless it has some small “secrets” you might not know. Watch Empress DAX digging them out for you. little did you know 1    little did you know 2




Engine news is the main prupose of our newsletter. Our Princess Sonya is working very hard to improve the site and she’s releasing new features at a scary speed (yes, she’s developing the site alone. There isn’t any other programmer helping her).

The new features that have been added in this month are:

  • mp3 music files are now supported for offline visual novels
  • comments feature for visual novels
  • credits box under visual novel description
  • character popularity poll

More details in weekly engine news: Feb 8th     Feb 15th      Feb 22nd





Among the new visual novels this month, we have two that are particularly worth playing: The Witch of Pondgulch by FishyFeathers and Fate’s Bite by Neeka.

The Witch of Pondgulch is a historical-fantasy visual novel with awesome original art. 100% recommended.

Fate’s Bite is a fanmade otome of Hetalia Axis Powers with vampire theme.


Various new resource have been added. Big thanks to Sonya, Mythogamer, lenore, mintythewolf, Aki +Wattibi, Aeynit, Melissa Krautheim, 空想曲線, Angelee.

More details in the weekly newsletters: Feb 8th     Feb 22th


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