Weekly engine news Mar 8th

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Weekly engine news Mar 8th


New feature

Were you expecting forum? But it was me, video assets!!!

Forum is a big feature that takes a lot of time to make. And from our experience with old forum, we aren’t sure it will be popular. We currently don’t have time to make forum lively, so we decided to make other features first. But don’t worry. Forum will be made eventually (as well as art/writing challenge, forum badges, etc).

If you’d like to see the forum feature sooner, please let us hear your supporting voice. We aren’t receiving much feedbacks so we aren’t sure how you’re reacting to the new features. Of course, if you find a bug in the engine, notify us as soon as possible.

  • Video assets are now supported in premium visual novels (it’s not available for free visual novel type). It supports .mp4 extention and it works in both online and offline games (downloaded games)


  • A “support” button has been added in the navigation bar on the top of CloudNovel site. By clicking on it, you can direct message a staff member. Any question regarding site, bug reports, help, informations is welcome.


  • Keyframe animation for button, text, bar assets. Keyframe is a sort of “customized” animation where you can resize, rotate, fade, move, skew your asset. It was previously available for character and image assets only, but now it has been added for button, text, and bar assets too


“go to a specific page in a scene” from choice and page. This way, you can move from a scene to another without starting from the first page

Click on “select scene” and choose the scene you want it to go. Click on the scene name you chose (in this case, I chose scene “start”). You’ll see a pop up window with “advanced go to scene settings” and you input the number of the page you want to go to.

You can do the same with page choices


Next feature

Customizable save slots: until now you could only customize the save/load screen, but soon you’ll be able to customize the slots too. The feature should be ready around this weekend or at the beginning of the next week.

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