Weekly new VN and resources Mar 15th

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Weekly new VN and resources Mar 15th


New visual novels

This week we have two great visual novels: FNIA the last location and Dr. Nurse’s Internship in Hell.

FNIA the last location is a fangame of the popular “Five nights at Freddy’s” serie. It’s a funny and sexy game, totally worth playing if you’re into FNIA games.

Dr. Nurse’s Internship in Hell is another funny game where the protagonist ends up working in a hospital in Hell. The art is very cute and the story is original. I personally recommend this.

New resource

This week MoneyFunny shared with us her cute egg girl character, perfect for Easter, and OchiMochi a lovely character and a night sky background. Kazuna also contributed with a GUI set with various elements.

Thank you all for your kindness!

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