New Pricing Changes

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New Pricing Changes

Hello everybody,

This is Sonya, CEO and owner of CloudNovel LLC. On behalf of the CloudNovel team, I’m here to let you know that starting today Sakura memberships will no longer be available at the $9.99 a month price point. Instead we have added 2 new memberships, Ad Free and Ninja. The prices of these new memberships are as follows:

Ad free – $5 Monthly | $50 Annually

Ninja – $10 Monthly | $100 Annually | $500 Lifetime

Sakura – $25 Monthly | $250 Annually | $1000 Lifetime

Thank you so much for being a CloudNovel user these past few years and helping CloudNovel grow into the vibrant community and platform we are today. The upcoming changes to our membership levels (pricing above) were made as we begin to move out of our beta phase. These CloudNovel pricing plans reflect our new features, our stability as a platform, and the future development of our site.

So please don’t panic, we didn’t take away any new features. Nothing has changed in the free version of CloudNovel, only in the Sakura memberships.

We hope you’ll join us again as a subscribing member of the community, but no matter what, we want to thank you for being one of our very first beta testers and for being part of the CloudNovel family.

Once again, thank you so much for your support, and we’ll see you on CloudNovel!!

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