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Visual Novel Group in San Francisco

vn group san fran

Hello everybody, this is Sonya here. It’s another day, and another dollar.

As you know, I LOVE getting compliments from people using our engine making cool games, and I was so happy because yesterday a game developer from San Francisco messaged me on discord asking to share his meetup group on our discord! It’s really cool and I felt bad because ever since we kicked out a majority of our discord members, the discord has been quiet, so he probably didn’t get any attention for his meetup group.

But myself personally, I thought it was pretty cool that a game developer who is actually from Silicon Valley (or from that area at least) said he was mind blown from our engine.

As you know, we’re just a few geeky creative people here in Midwest USA (And smaller Asian countries like Taiwan and Malaysia) who just want to be able to make really cool games from our visual novel engine, I was very happy to hear his comment on CloudNovel:

Hi Sonya. First off, thank you for making CloudNovel. I’ve been tinkering with it and it’s mindblowing. I’m reaching out because I just started a visual novel meetup in San Francisco and would love to find other aspiring visual novelists and nurture a local (offline) community. Can I share this on your CN discord group and if you say yes (thank you :3) which Channel would be appropriate

So here is his meetup group if you’re in the local area in California:

Thanks for reading another one of my random blog posts!


-Sonya Fung

A Real Female Tech CEO (Not Elizabeth Holmes, I swear ROFL)

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