Engine News – March Wrap

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Engine News – March Wrap



At the beginning of this month, Sonya, our beloved princess and only programmer started to work on the forum. Unfortunately, the forum is not yet finished as it is relatively a big project with a huge chunk of coding needed. Fear not though, as, for the past month, a lot of features had been added and a lot of bugs had been fixed!

  • video assets in premium visual novels (supports .mp4 extension)
  • button in the navigation bar on the top of CloudNovel site to direct message a staff member
  • keyframe animation for button, text, bar assets
  • “go to a specific page in a scene” from choice and page (this works in premium version only)
  • Customizable save slot (this works in premium version only)
  • notification sound when you get a notification now
  • Various bugs fixed (sprite fade in and out flash thing It won’t flash anymore

For more details, you are encouraged to read the weekly engine news      Mar 8th       Mar 15th       Mar 22nd


For CloudNovelist who had been using sta.sh URL to add assets on the engine, we had a piece of bad news for you. Unfortunately, new URLs from Deviantart sta.sh are NO LONGER SUPPORTED IN CLOUDNOVEL ENGINE because they don’t end with the file format. You can see them in your preview but they will end up being a broken asset inside the engine. Old links, however, will still work per usual so there’s no need to worry about replacing every assets that you had used.

We would like to inform you that is very much possible to upload directly from your device by upgrading your project to ‘premium’.  If you don’t wish to do so, a good alternative would be trello.com. Do note, however, CloudNovel is not affiliated in any way with trello so please use it at your own risk.

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