Are you a tech princess?

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Are you a tech princess?

how to be a tech princess

Hey guys, it’s me, your one and only Princess Sonya!

Lately I’ve been getting into more of the tech world and I’ve noticed something everywhere I look. The only people in tech are men. Everywhere I go, 90% of the people in tech are men. As your self proclaimed “tech princess,” I’ve decided to put together a list of qualifications on how to be a woman in tech, or a tech princess:

  1. Your career is in IT

    Whether you are a front end or back end web developer, a dev ops engineer, or a tech entrepreneur, you LOVE tech. It could be that you are passionate about coding, you are a hardware witch and love building PCs, or you’re a database wiz/witch, you are very into technology and want to make it your career (or you are already in a tech related field as your job).

  2. You are beautiful

    As any princess (you are a girl or identify as a girl) you love looking beautiful and dressing up in your own fashion sense and style. You have an appreciation for glamour and like to wear pretty and graceful clothing that expresses your beautiful personality and unique style. You have class, and you dress like a lady, and appreciate the art of make up and other feminine things. This is all about being proud to be a girl, woot, girl power!

  3. You dream to become a princess

    Not everyone will become a real princess, like Duchess Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, or Princess Grace Kelly, but you have the intelligence and the beauty to be a tech princess in your own right! There are all kinds of princesses, like Ariana Grande (pop princess), or Amy Adams (film princess), but anybody can be a tech princess if they are a girl with a passion for tech, and the love for beauty and being a lady!


Now here are some inspiring videos of some real life political princesses that can inspire us to have our own fairy tales someday:

Princess Grace Kelly of Philadelphia USA:

Princess Diana of Whales:

That’s all from Princess Sonya today on how to become a tech princess! Salutations!

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