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Discovering CN: Mid

Discovering CloudNovelist: Interview with MidZM

This month’s interview is with MidZM, the author of Symbiotic. In the following interview, Mid shares his development process and recounts his ups and downs of making Symbiotic, an rpg-esque saga.  About the CloudNovelist Mid is a wizard programmer for our CloudNovel engine, as well as a game developer skilled in animation, art, and design!…
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Discovering CN: Sonya

Discovering CloudNovelist: Special Interview with Sonya

Hello fellow CloudNovelists! With the summer jam started and Cafe Rouge to be released in just a few days, this month’s Discovering Cloudnovelist is a special issue with our own creator, Sonya Fung! About Sonya Sonya is the founder and CEO of CloudNovel. But before that, she was also a visual novel developer, using various…
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Discovering CloudNovelist: Fluffness

Discovering CloudNovelist: Interview with Fluffness (Ft. Collaboration and Creating a Finished Game)

Hey CloudNovelists. This month, our guest for the interview is Fluffness! About Fluffness Fluff and I (Otometaku) have known each other for about 4 years, since one of the first game jams in CloudNovel. Even if you’re new to CloudNovel, you’ve probably seen her games around, including The Red Grimly Tale series, Helen’s Doll House,…
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Discovering CloudNovelist

Discovering CloudNovelist: Interview with MoneyFunny (Feat. Sprite Tutorial!)

Happy April! We hope that everyone is staying home and staying safe. This month, the CloudNovelist we are featuring is MoneyFunny. About MoneyFunny MoneyFunny is a sprite artist from Hong Kong. Since joining CloudNovel in 2017, she has been releasing her sprite art and characters, all with a cute and unique art style! We’re very…
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Discovering CloudNovelist: Interview with OHISASHI

Hey guys! This is Otometaku and the CloudNovel team. We are thrilled to announce that Discovering CloudNovelist is back! I will be leading monthly interviews with CloudNovel developers and artists, so stay tuned~ This month, I am interviewing OHISASHI from our Chocolates and Sweets Jam. About the CloudNovelist OHISASHI is a CloudNovelist from Hawaii. One…
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Inktober Header by Otometaku

CloudNovel Art Challenge: Inktober

Hey guys! Finally, this is the moment we are waiting for: the revival of the Art Challenge! With consideration of everyone’s busy schedules during the school/work year, our future art challenges are going to be mostly monthly.   For our October challenge, allow us to present our October Art Challenge, inspired by Inktober.    What…
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Art Challenge Week 16: Everlasting Summer

As summer comes to close, we present you the week 16 art challenge: Everlasting Summer! I hope that everyone have had a great summer and will continue to have a wonderful (school) year!! Everlasting Summer Draw yourself or an OC (original character) participating in a summer activity Rules Original character. Any summer activity works! (Ex:…
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Art Challenge 14 by Otometaku

Art Challenge Week 14: Maid/Butler Cafe

Following CloudNovel’s release of Cafe Rouge (play it here), this week’s art challenge is Maid/Butler Cafe! Maid/Butler Cafe Draw yourself or an OC (original character) as a maid or butler Rules Your character must have a maid/butler outfit. (Design free of choice!) Please, please keep it SFW. How do I participate? One you are finished,…
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