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New Pricing Changes

Hello everybody, This is Sonya, CEO and owner of CloudNovel LLC. On behalf of the CloudNovel team, I’m here to let you know that starting today Sakura memberships will no longer be available at the $9.99 a month price point. Instead we have added 2 new memberships, Ad Free and Ninja. The prices of these…
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Embedded Flag

This is the code for embedded flag: <span data-flag=”whatever your flag name is”></span> Below are video tutorials on how to use embedded flags:  


Jolly Jam Winners

Hello everybody, this is Sonya here. We’ve had some amazing and charming winter stories created for this year’s Winter Jam, the Jolly Jam 2018-2019. Let’s start with the runner ups! Frostbite This is a very charming demo of a story about a fairytale prince in a winter wonderland. You play as Mirra, a girl who…
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Café Rouge Character Sketches

Hello all, here are the upcoming character bios and sketches of the remake of Café Rouge:

CEO Public Apology

Hello, I want to issue a public apology on my unprofessional-ism on the CloudNovel twitter account. For those who have followed our twitter, you may have seen me posting personal rants and selfies of myself on the official CloudNovel twitter account. The CloudNovel staff have spoken to me about this, and I have deleted all…
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End of Inktober (Take a look at the highlights)

Hello everybody, Sonya here!   Tomorrow is Halloween, which means the end of Inktober, let’s take a look at some highlights from 2018 Inktober:

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Inktober: Week 1

Hello everybody, Sonya here!   Today is the end of the first week of Inktober, let’s take a look at some highlights from the art challenge thus far:

Winners of the Fantasy Contest

Fantasy Land Contest Winners Hey guys, it’s me, Sonya! 😉 Without further ado, here are the winners of the Fantasy Land contest:3rd Place: Wisteria Cafe Wisteria Café takes a slight twist on a slice of life of the main character seeking out a job at Wisteria café, run by a shadow like demon cat! Inside…
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Download Café Rouge 2012

To those who missed the emails sent out during CloudNovel’s 3rd anniversary birthday party, here are the links to the original Café Rouge 2012 flash game downloads: (you will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to play these games) Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4:…
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The Neko Personality Quiz

Take the Neko Personality Quiz: Name: Sakura Personality: Shy and mature, loves flowers and tea Winner: ImmortalityName: Aiden Personality: Polite, gentle, caring, and a bit condescending. Like a butler Winner: MustacheSkullsName: Lucy Personality: Happy and energetic Winner: LunaliloName: Viola Personality: Shy and mysterious Winner: Sian2982007 Name: Xavier Personality: Cocky, Sarcastic, but embarrassed when in love Winner:…
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