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Welcome to CloudNovel’s official page for the July Birthday Party. Here we will list the past email newsletters and events of the Birthday Party sent through emails, etc. You are welcome to use this page as a guide if you missed out on any of the events sent through email.



7/1/18 – New Logo and Mascot

7/2/18 – Interview with Sonya and the Story of How CloudNovel Started

7/2/18 – Art Challenge: Magical Girl

7/3/18 – Comic Strip: Sonya goes Shopping

7/5/18 – High School Otome

7/8/18 – Apology from CloudNovel (High School Otome)

7/11/18 – Name this Neko (Shiro Girl)

7/12/18 – Name this Neko (Kuro Girl)

7/31/18 – The Neko Personality Quiz

7/31/18 – Download Cafe Rouge