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Discovering CloudNovelist: Interview with Lenore – Behind the Mechanics

Hello, CloudNovelists. It is I, Sonya, and today I am interviewing one of our very talented game developers, Lenore. Lenore has created Falling for Flags, and other great games currently in the works. Lenore has demonstrated extensive knowledge of using the CloudNovel engine to make fantastic interactive games, and today we will delve into the…
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Discovering CloudNovelist: Interview with DAX – Behind the GUI

Hello, CloudNovelists. This month we’ll be talking about an important element of visual novels that many creators tend to overlook: graphical user interface, known as GUI. In a visual novel, GUI mainly includes textbox, choice box, option buttons/icons, and text. The guest I picked for the interview is DAX, the currently most popular graphic designer…
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New resource Apr 19th

This week Sonya shared with us the sprites of Isis Black, the MC of the first commercial game by CloudNovel: Cafe Rouge. MagykalMystique created a gorgeous princess character and made it free to use! Big thanks to her!    

Engine news Apr 19th

New features Forum has been released!! Still working on it to improve it, but the base features can already be used. You can “follow” to a thread to get notifications when a new post has been added to it. You will be automatically be subscribed to your own threads (can unfollow) Please give us some…
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Engine news Apr 12th

Sonya is back from her break and is working on the forum again. Here are some work in progress screenshots: New feature: The FAQ button has been added to the navigator bar on the top. A new tutorial has been uploaded: for downloaded visual novels How to add Custom Desktop Icon to your Visual Novel…
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Announcing Easter Jam 2019

Spring has come. CloudNovel is organizing a new jam to challenge the creativity of CloudNovelists. The rules of this jam are a bit different from our previous jams. Please read them thoroughly. Every valid entry will be awarded, so don’t be worried about not being able to reach the the top 3.     Main Theme:…
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Weekly new VN/DU/resource Apr 5th

New visual novel This week, our local meme team, The Wrecking Crew, has published a new game in occasion of April Fool. CloudNovel breakdown!! is a comedy game based on CloudNovel itself. The site has been invaded by the bugs you caused and Sonya needs your help to fix the site. You’ll go through 9…
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Thank you for joining us for April fool!

Yesterday, on April 1st, we threw a big prank about Sonya resigning as CEO and changing “CloudNovel” name into “Black Market”. Read the blog post here. The prank was pretty successful on our discord server and we had a lot of fun (some people even believed it XD). So Sonya is not resigning, Sonya is…
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I’m resigning as CEO

Hello everyone, This is Sonya and I have news for you. You can guess from the title but I will be resigning as of today. CloudNovel had always been my dream ever since I knew about visual novels. I had been working on it for almost 4 years now. CloudNovel was my passion. Yes, was. Thanks…
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What’s New? – March 2019

  New visual novels Recommended: Brothel Buisness Yandere Simulator Dating Sim Dr. Nurse’s Internship in Hell Five Nights in Anime: The last Location New dress up games yagi by yagi –  a dress up game of Yagi Toshinori (All Might) from Boku no Hero Academia Game of Love Character creator by skelletiddies – based on skelletiddie’s original webcomic…
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