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Embedded Flag

This is the code for embedded flag: <span data-flag=”whatever your flag name is”></span> Below are video tutorials on how to use embedded flags:  

Weekly newsletter Feb 22nd

New feature: popularity poll. Vote for your favourite character! Next scheduled feature: private message system. Detailed news: Engine news Feb 22nd New visual novels The Witch of Pondgulch Ardel’s life is simple: she follows the rules, and she tries to be good. But when a new student crashes in to her bland life at the…
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New vn/resources Fed 22nd

New visual novels The Witch of Pondgulch: a very professional-looking visual novel with great art and story. Totally worth playing! Ardel’s life is simple: she follows the rules, and she tries to be good. But when a new student crashes in to her bland life at the Pondgulch Girls’ Charity School and townspeople start looking…
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Engine news Feb 22nd

New feature Popularity poll Let your players vote for their favourite characters in your visual novel! You can vote once everyday in each visual novel, for free. If you create a free visual novel, you can put up to 3 characters into the poll. Premium visual novels can have unlimited characters in the poll. What’s…
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Jolly Jam Winners

Hello everybody, this is Sonya here. We’ve had some amazing and charming winter stories created for this year’s Winter Jam, the Jolly Jam 2018-2019. Let’s start with the runner ups! Frostbite This is a very charming demo of a story about a fairytale prince in a winter wonderland. You play as Mirra, a girl who…
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Little Did You Know: Secret 002

Heya, CloudNovelist! This Empress is back again with more secrets buried deeply in CloudNovel. Well, actually not really… In fact, I’m surprised when I found out that some CloudNovelist did not know about these so-called ‘secrets’. Without further ado, I will reveal the secrets that you might not know too.   Secret #1 Apparently, we…
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Weekly newsletter Feb 15th

Engine news Added credits section for visual novels under game description. Next features: character voting poll and private message system more details Jolly jam Sorry for the delay, Sonya has been busy these days and didn’t have time to stream the results. The results will be announced today or tomorrow. Interview We well be interviewing…
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engine news Feb 15th

Another busy week has passed. Our Princess is doing her best bug-hunting. New feature In the setting tab of your visual novel project, there’s now a box for credits. This is where you write the names of the team members (writer, developer, artist, composer, etc) and/or credit the owners of the assets in case you’re…
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Love is in The Air: Valentine Special

Hello, Cloudnovelists! This week has a very pink atmosphere around it because this week we have Valentine’s Day!. Did you all have a romantic day? Cloudnovel is here to recommend some more romance for you to snuggle in for this week! Starting with… High School Otome by Sonya and Hyesunxoxo! As you can guess from…
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Little Did You Know: Secret 001

Hola, CloudNovelist~ In this post, your majesty moderator is here to uncover Princess Sonya’s little secret! WHAT? Princess Sonya has a secret? Humu, humu! You don’t know, right~ Fufufu~ Do not worry. CloudNovelist, this Empress is here to expose Princess Sonya! Mwahahaha! Secret #1 WE HAVE BULK UPLOAD! Gaspu! We did? Since when? YES, WE…
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