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Weekly new VN and resources Mar 15th

New visual novels This week we have two great visual novels: FNIA the last location and Dr. Nurse’s Internship in Hell. FNIA the last location is a fangame of the popular “Five nights at Freddy’s” serie. It’s a funny and sexy game, totally worth playing if you’re into FNIA games. Dr. Nurse’s Internship in Hell is…
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Weekly engine news Mar 15th

New feature Customizable save sloat: now you can use buttons to create save slots and customize position, font and color of the text displayed and their respective positions. You can also use different buttons to make different save slots. Here’s a video tutorial by Sonya Next feature Forum (this time for real. Maybe).

Weekly engine news Mar 8th

New feature Were you expecting forum? But it was me, video assets!!! Forum is a big feature that takes a lot of time to make. And from our experience with old forum, we aren’t sure it will be popular. We currently don’t have time to make forum lively, so we decided to make other features…
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Monthly newsletter Feb 2019

News: Interview with Neeka Jolly jam winners Valentine’s special: VN recommendations Little did you know Engine news New visual novels/resource/dress up games   For our first montly interview, we’ve decided to ask Neeka to be our guest. Neeka is famous in our community mostly because she collects free assets from various sources and shares them…
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Weekly newsletter Mar 1st

This week has been quiet. Nothing much happened. The private messaging system is ready. Go to the profile of the user you want to message and click on “message” button.   Next feature: forum. It’s relatively a big feature, so it’s going to take a while. Please be patient. Fluffness is still checking visual novels.…
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Discovering CloudNovelist -February Special-

Welcome to CloudNovel’s first monthly interview. This is fluffness, I’ll be interviewing our first guest, Neeka. Neeka is an experienced CloudNovelist, famous on CloudNovel for being a resource digger. She collects various free resources from around the webs and shares them with us * inserts worshipping here*. She’s also the first creator who successfully had…
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Embedded Flag

This is the code for embedded flag: <span data-flag=”whatever your flag name is”></span> Below are video tutorials on how to use embedded flags:  

Weekly newsletter Feb 22nd

New feature: popularity poll. Vote for your favourite character! Next scheduled feature: private message system. Detailed news: Engine news Feb 22nd New visual novels The Witch of Pondgulch Ardel’s life is simple: she follows the rules, and she tries to be good. But when a new student crashes in to her bland life at the…
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New vn/resources Fed 22nd

New visual novels The Witch of Pondgulch: a very professional-looking visual novel with great art and story. Totally worth playing! Ardel’s life is simple: she follows the rules, and she tries to be good. But when a new student crashes in to her bland life at the Pondgulch Girls’ Charity School and townspeople start looking…
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Engine news Feb 22nd

New feature Popularity poll Let your players vote for their favourite characters in your visual novel! You can vote once everyday in each visual novel, for free. If you create a free visual novel, you can put up to 3 characters into the poll. Premium visual novels can have unlimited characters in the poll. What’s…
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