Getting started

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This section covers how to create your visual novel project.

To be able to create, you need to sign up and register first.

Log into your account.

In the upper navigation bar, click on CREATE

A form will appear.

Fill out the form with the following information. Entries marked with * in this explanation are mandatory, other items you can always add or update later from SETTINGS.

Name * 

This is the title of your visual novel


Short description that visitors will see, so try to make it informative and interesting. If you used free resources, this is the best place to post thank you notes and credits links.


Free novels enjoy all the features of the CloudNovel engine. Perks of professional novel is that:

  • assets stored are hosted with us (free version needs to host all the assets elsewhere)
  • downloadable game (free version plays online only)
  • add password to share your visual novel only to those who know the password

Here is the comparison of features.

Professional novels cost 1000 CloudNovel points.

Cover Image Link

Upload or link your image (.jpg or .png) that you want for the thumbnail cover of your novel. 

These are some sample covers/thumbnails for visual novels.


You can add up to 3 images (.jpg or .png).

Players will see them on the game’s profile page inviting them to try your visual novel.


You can leave this blank if your game is not featuring romantic encounters. Optionally you can declare if it’s a BxG or GxB or BxB or GxG kind of romance.


Again, optional, you can search the list and find what is predominant genre of your visual novel. Later you will be able to add more genres and tags (from the SETTINGS) in your dashboard. If you are not sure about genres, they are explained briefly in each section under BROWSE tab from the upper bar at front page of


If your story contains elements to qualify it for more restricted censorship tag than PG-13, you should set maturity to Mature level. This doesn’t only cover nudity, sexually explicit content, but also use of alcohol,drugs, gambling, gore, explicit language and other elements.


Unlisted game will not show in any searches. Public game is not yet PUBLISHED (you will do it from dashboard) but it will be appear in searches and in your profile.

Hit SUBMIT button if you are ready to make your visual novel or CANCEL if you changed your mind, for now.

If you did hit SUBMIT button, then this is the next thing you will see, a SCENES page of your new visual novel project.

Congratulations, you are ready for the next step. Here’s how to create a scene.