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About Sonya Fung

Sonya Fung (CEO) is the creator and developer of CloudNovel, an online game engine that requires no coding.

She started CloudNovel in winter 2014 in Boston University as a school project of her senior year and has since accumulated more than 2 million users with 100,000 visits per month to the CloudNovel website.

She graduated from BU with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship with a minor in graphic design, in order to pursue a career in web development and start her own technology business.
“My vision is a world where you can create games and software without needing to learn coding.” – Sonya Fung
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About Greg Argulla

Greg Argulla (CTO) is the creator of ProjectVN, the prototype of the CloudNovel engine created in 2013. Together, he and Sonya combined both their visual novel engines, Joilly (Sonya’s engine) and ProjectVN (Greg’s engine) into what is now the modern-day CloudNovel visual novel game engine.

His major contributions to CloudNovel include the animation timeline editor, keyframe animations, scenes’ flowchart, and pages UI/UX design.

He graduated from De La Salle University in the Philippines, majoring in Computer Science, and is now working a day job as a senior software engineer.