A statement from Sonya, CEO of CloudNovel

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A statement from Sonya, CEO of CloudNovel


Hello everyone, last week I found out that I was associated and became the “poster girl” of a statement that supports climate change. I could not tell you the full story because it is related to my personal life but I would like to take your time to share my views regarding that topic as a company to our users and customers.

As a company, we do not want to be involved in anything related to preventing or stopping climate change with a radical method. We also would like to mention that our staff may have different personal views on this as they are their own individual but please do not associate me and my company on this issue.

To anyone who believes otherwise, we do not have any involvement or seek any involvement in their views. Feel free to believe whatever your views on it.

However, to those who have seen me as that “poster girl”, I wish you know that my involvement was without my consent and was edited in a way that is against my view on it. Please do not believe in it and please respect my stance regarding this.

Here at CloudNovel, we create revolutionary game engines where anyone can create games and/or software without coding. We have done so by providing you with our Cloud[Game] engine and continue to do that as we believe in a world where you do not need to learn coding in order to create games and/or software.

We will continue to strive in bringing you revolutionary products that give anyone the ability to create anything they can imagine, and with our tools, your dreams will be made possible.

That is our view as a company.

Thank you for reading,

Sonya Fung

CEO of CloudNovel

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