What is CloudNovel® Studio?

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What is CloudNovel® Studio?

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What is it?

Have you heard of the CloudNovel® Studio, but don’t know exactly what it is? How is it related to Sonya and the CloudNovel.net website? Well have no fear, you’ve come to the right place to find all the answers!

CloudNovel® Studio is our CEO and founder Sonya Fung’s personal video game development studio for creating original games on the CloudNovel platform, just like Netflix has original movies and TV shows, so does CloudNovel have original video games! It is where all of Sonya’s game creations are made, mostly for demonstrating the capabilities of the Cloud game engines by developing games made by the CEO herself!

There are currently 10 games from CloudNovel® Studio on Steam, with hopefully lots more to come, all thanks to Kickstarter campaigns that Sonya runs to help fund our games. If it weren’t for the help of the community and fans, none of these games would be created in the first place. All of our games are made possible thanks to the donations users and fans give to CloudNovel’s website.

Can I join CloudNovel® Studio?

Right now, our studio is a one woman developer team, meaning that Sonya doesn’t need or isn’t actively searching for more team members at this time. This might change in the future, but for now Sonya is a one woman solo team, with the exception of partnering with Somate Studio a game design studio that is located in Vietnam, who creates all the art for Sonya’s big game titles.

How do I support CloudNovel® Studio?

The best way to support us is by pledging and backing our Kickstarter campaigns, and by spreading the word to let everyone play our games! Most of them are free, and those that are purchasable only are at an affordable price. Your support helps us keep the lights on and pay the bills!

Thanks for reading

That’s all there is to know about our studio, thank you for reading and learning more about us and we hope you enjoy all of our games we make!

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