Creating Your Dream Gaming Setup

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Creating Your Dream Gaming Setup

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Are you thinking of creating your dream office? Your dream gaming setup or gaming area to play all your video games? Do you aspire to become a famous live streamer and become the next big hit on YouTube or Twitch? Well have no fear, Princess Sonya is going to share some tips on creating your dream gaming setup to become the next big star on the internet!

What is a gaming setup?


As stated by Google search results, a gaming setup is a “PC Gaming” station or study area. At its core, a PC gaming setup, also called a battle station, is comprised of a gaming chair, a gaming desk, a keyboard and mouse, one or more monitors, and the PC itself. All at the same time, it can be your:

  1. Work area (for remote or stay-at-home jobs)
  2. Study room (office area)
  3. Streaming station for playing all of your video games

(Here is a helpful link by Wayfair on all the furniture you need for creating a typical and ideal gaming setup:

The biggest investment, is obviously your PC or your computer. I highly recommend building your own PC and that you don’t skimp on the quality parts or components that will give high quality performance to your PC unit. Especially if you’re streaming, your PC is going to determine how high quality and stable your live videos are going to be. Although I am no expert on building PCs, I highly suggest googling tutorials online on how to build your own PC. You’ll feel more comfortable understanding how and what parts are going into your precious PC computer, and the ability to fix and replace parts should your PC get old and need replacement(s).

Here are some examples to take inspiration from:

Screenshot 2023-06-30 130230img_61b3639aa0748Screenshot 2023-06-30 130444

What about my budget?

You’re going to have to take probably a couple months to save enough money to be able to buy all the equipment for your dream gaming room. However, I firmly believe the investment is worth it, especially in this day and age where all of us live our lives digitally or online, whether its on our computer or using our mobile devices. Typical budgets to aim for are the following:

  1. According to Google search results, you can expect to pay at least $1,500 for a high-end gaming PC, $400 for a good monitor, $200 for a mechanical keyboard, $100 for a gaming mouse, and another $500 or more for additional peripherals and accessories. That adds up to a total cost of around $2,700 or more.
  2. Expect to pay $850 to $1,200 for the average gaming PC, and $2500 for just a PC alone for the highest quality frame rate when streaming or playing video games.

Start Planning Today

Remember, this is your dream work station or essentially your dream office space for your little (hopefully one day BIG) corner of the internet. The best way to start is to have a physical room or work area that matches what you want to be or what you want others to see, especially when strangers on the internet visit your social media pages online. Planning is fun and it is best to start it now, or never.

So good luck, and I hope you’ll create the gaming setup of your dreams!

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