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Thank you for joining us for April fool!

Yesterday, on April 1st, we threw a big prank about Sonya resigning as CEO and changing “CloudNovel” name into “Black Market”. Read the blog post here. The prank was pretty successful on our discord server and we had a lot of fun (some people even believed it XD). So Sonya is not resigning, Sonya is…
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I’m resigning as CEO

Hello everyone, This is Sonya and I have news for you. You can guess from the title but I will be resigning as of today. CloudNovel had always been my dream ever since I knew about visual novels. I had been working on it for almost 4 years now. CloudNovel was my passion. Yes, was. Thanks…
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CloudNovel newsletter

Hello, everyone! New year, new resolution! This new year, we have published the site with brand new interface coded with a new coding language. We have abandon php and replace it with json. Have you seen the new interface of CloudNovel site? How do you feel about it? Do you like it? Each year, CloudNovel…
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Halloween Jam

Halloween Jam Result

Hello, everyone! Halloween Jam has ended a long time ago and we are sorry for the late review of the entries. We encountered some technical problems while reviewing such as bug, bug and bug? Aiya?! …….ANYWAY! Putting all the bugs aside, we have finally finished our assessment and we are very much excited to share…
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