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Embedded Flag

This is the code for embedded flag: <span data-flag=”whatever your flag name is”></span> Below are video tutorials on how to use embedded flags:  

Why My Project is Disapproved?

Not too long ago, the CloudNovel staff has been working on disapproving and approving all of the public visual novels and dress up games on CloudNovel site. Why are we doing this? It is to make sure CloudNovel can provide a good quality visual novels and dress up games to all of you. WHAT? Then…
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How to Prepare Your Assets So Your You Don’t Go – Oh No! – When It Takes Forever to Load

CloudNovel supports all sizes of projects, tiny, small to big. Some of the biggest games out there have hundreds of megabytes in assets. Very often authors just add images, sprites, audio and then complain when their game is slow or impossible to load. Here’s how to escape the pain of having to fix their assets…
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How to Develop Your Story In 10 Easy Steps (Part Two)

Snowflake method is easy way to break the huge job of writing a novel into small manageable chunks. It’s actually so easy that you can try it out playfully, just for the lulz. Yea, you can thank me later. Take one of the ideas off the shelf and let’s do it! If you missed the…
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How to Develop Your Story In 10 Easy Steps (Part One)

Writer’s mind is an amazing thing. Even when you’re not consciously thinking about your next story, it brews somewhere deep inside. Then it bubbles to the surface and you go, “Hey, that’s a great idea, I’m gonna make a visual novel!” No you won’t, here’s why Next comes the sweet messy daydreaming every author enjoys.…
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How (Not) to Write an Unforgettable Villain

First of all, let’s separate villains from antagonists. In the west, typical stories can’t be told without a villain. It’s a character trait, someone actively being evil. In the east, more often we see antagonist. It’s a role in the story, someone (or something) opposing the character, adversary, rival, competitor. Consider Princess Mononoke. There are no…
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How to Plan Structure of Your Visual Novel

Often young Visual Novel makers come to me and show me their works. Most of the time I have to be a party pooper and tell them their work sucks. Grandpa?! How can you be so cruel. Oh, because they never specify if what they write and make is actually going to be a real…
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How to Decide on POV and How to Switch it Without Confusing Your Readers

There are more than three points of view. First person (“I am”) Second person (“you are”) Third person limited/intimate (“he/she is”) Third person omniscient/distant (“he/she is”) First person point of view Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Twilight, Divergent, all these books were written in first person point of view. It’s quite popular choice for Visual Novels…
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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin Making a Visual Novel

Making a visual novel can be a lengthy process. It’s about writing a story. Making the art. Crafting all the details that will combine into an exciting experience players will enjoy. Here are some hints and tips how to make sure the foundations of your project can be made solid. It can help you in…
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4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Finish Your VN

I just hate it when project I’ve started slips into neglect and never gets finished. Feels so discouraging when I want to begin a new one. The most embarrassing is when someone asks me “Hey, how is that project going?” and I know it’s not going anywhere, it’s dead, dead, dead. Feeling of guilt creeps…
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