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Engine news Apr 19th

New features Forum has been released!! Still working on it to improve it, but the base features can already be used. You can “follow” to a thread to get notifications when a new post has been added to it. You will be automatically be subscribed to your own threads (can unfollow) Please give us some…
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Engine news Apr 12th

Sonya is back from her break and is working on the forum again. Here are some work in progress screenshots: New feature: The FAQ button has been added to the navigator bar on the top. A new tutorial has been uploaded: for downloaded visual novels How to add Custom Desktop Icon to your Visual Novel…
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Weekly engine news Mar 22nd

New features New membership types: Ninja membership and Sakura membership for visual novel creators and Ad Free membership for players. Benefits of Ninja membership ($10 Monthly | $100 Annually | $500 Lifetime): 300MB free storage every month Unlimited Premium Visual Novels, Dress Ups, Resources during your subscription time 5 free downloads every month 100 free…
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Weekly engine news Mar 15th

New feature Customizable save sloat: now you can use buttons to create save slots and customize position, font and color of the text displayed and their respective positions. You can also use different buttons to make different save slots. Here’s a video tutorial by Sonya Next feature Forum (this time for real. Maybe).

Weekly engine news Mar 8th

New feature Were you expecting forum? But it was me, video assets!!! Forum is a big feature that takes a lot of time to make. And from our experience with old forum, we aren’t sure it will be popular. We currently don’t have time to make forum lively, so we decided to make other features…
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Engine news Feb 22nd

New feature Popularity poll Let your players vote for their favourite characters in your visual novel! You can vote once everyday in each visual novel, for free. If you create a free visual novel, you can put up to 3 characters into the poll. Premium visual novels can have unlimited characters in the poll. What’s…
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engine news Feb 15th

Another busy week has passed. Our Princess is doing her best bug-hunting. New feature In the setting tab of your visual novel project, there’s now a box for credits. This is where you write the names of the team members (writer, developer, artist, composer, etc) and/or credit the owners of the assets in case you’re…
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Little Did You Know: Secret 001

Hola, CloudNovelist~ In this post, your majesty moderator is here to uncover Princess Sonya’s little secret! WHAT? Princess Sonya has a secret? Humu, humu! You don’t know, right~ Fufufu~ Do not worry. CloudNovelist, this Empress is here to expose Princess Sonya! Mwahahaha! Secret #1 WE HAVE BULK UPLOAD! Gaspu! We did? Since when? YES, WE…
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Weekly engine news Feb 8th

Engine updates till Feb 8th: 30+ new fonts have been added into the engine. They are available online but still not usable if you download your game mp3 music files are now supported for offline visual novels. Currently the supported music file types are: mp3, wav, ogg. added comments feature for visual novels   Coming…
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