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Inktober: Week 1

Hello everybody, Sonya here!   Today is the end of the first week of Inktober, let’s take a look at some highlights from the art challenge thus far:


Writing-Challenge Week 4

Thank you everyone who joined Writing-Challenge #3, hope you had fun! ^^ Here come the themes for the next week: Themes: 1.The Universe 2.Fairy-dust 3.Good night story As always, have fun! ^^ Art-Challenge theme: Everlasting Summer! Where to post your links: Post a link to your file in the doc. (most recommended) Link to the…
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Writing Challenge Week 3

Hello and heya! If you don’t know, we have been doing Writing Challenge in discord for weeks and for the first time ever, we are going to put it on the blog from now and onwards. Submitted entries will be put on the visual novel showcase, Writing Challenge. This week is the third week we…
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Art Challenge Week 15: Angel vs Devil

Hello, everyone~ As usual, we will be having our weekly challenge and this week challenge is….dum, dum, dum!     Rules 1. You have to draw a character with two personality which is as an Angel and Devil. 2. Keep it SFW. How to Participate? Once you are done, send your artwork either through: CloudNovel…
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Art Challenge 14 by Otometaku

Art Challenge Week 14: Maid/Butler Cafe

Following CloudNovel’s release of Cafe Rouge (play it here), this week’s art challenge is Maid/Butler Cafe! Maid/Butler Cafe Draw yourself or an OC (original character) as a maid or butler Rules Your character must have a maid/butler outfit. (Design free of choice!) Please, please keep it SFW. How do I participate? One you are finished,…
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Art Challenge Week 13: Fantasy Race

As you can see from the banner on the front page, we are having Fantasy Contest, thus this week challenge theme is: Drumroll, please… Fantasy Race   Draw yourself or your OC as a Fantasy Race.  Be creative! We want you to fantasize about the fantasy! Rules 1. Your entries must be based on the fantasy genre.…
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Art Challenge (7/9/18): Create a Nekomimi

In celebration of CloudNovel’s 3rd birthday’s Neko Week our next art challenge is…. NEKOMIMI (CAT HUMANOID) WEEK Create yourself or your OC as a NEKOMIMI (cat humanoid)! We want you to draw your character (or yourself) with cat ears and a cat tail! Here are the rules it MUST have 1. Your character must have…
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