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A statement from Sonya, CEO of CloudNovel

Hello everyone, last week I found out that I was associated and became the “poster girl” of a statement that supports climate change. I could not tell you the full story because it is related to my personal life but I would like to take your time to share my views regarding that topic as…
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How to make a game on Steam

Hello all, It is I, your one and only Princess. Many people have been wondering how exactly do we make a game on CloudNovel, and then sell it online to places like Steam or, well to be honest there isn’t a lot of advice or information on how to exactly sell your game on…
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Are you a tech princess?

Hey guys, it’s me, your one and only Princess Sonya! Lately I’ve been getting into more of the tech world and I’ve noticed something everywhere I look. The only people in tech are men. Everywhere I go, 90% of the people in tech are men. As your self proclaimed “tech princess,” I’ve decided to put together…
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Who is Sonya Fung?

Who is Sonya Fung? Just who is Sonya? Many of you have been wondering, who is Sonya? Is she a bot, is she an AI? Who is “Princess Sonya” the mascot of CloudNovel? Well I’m here to expel all rumors. Sonya is a real person. Sonya is the original founder of CloudNovel, and the creator…
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CloudNovel Engine Development is Paused

Hello everyone This is Sonya, your princess and CEO. I have an important announcement. Starting today we are halting development on the CloudNovel visual novel engine. After 4 years of development, we feel that the engine is at a stable enough state that qualifies it to be a complete engine. We understand that there is…
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Kickstarter Advice from Sonya

Sonya’s advice on launching a Kickstarter campaign for your visual novel: Start marketing months ahead of when you launch your kickstarter Prepare a press kit Release your demo as soon as possible and start contacting blogs to show them the demo game Do aim too high of a kickstarter goal, pick a price that seems…
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Ocean Paradise

Winners of the Ocean Paradise Jam

Azure Echoes has such great writing, although even though there were some bugs when I chose Cain’s route not Renee’s route, yet the game made me go through Renee’s route anyway. The urban legend pink mermaid story was hilarious, I loved the fortune telling scene. Even though this was a short story, overall it was…
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Discovering CloudNovelist: Interview with Lenore – Behind the Mechanics

Hello, CloudNovelists. It is I, Sonya, and today I am interviewing one of our very talented game developers, Lenore. Lenore has created Falling for Flags, and other great games currently in the works. Lenore has demonstrated extensive knowledge of using the CloudNovel engine to make fantastic interactive games, and today we will delve into the…
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Engine News – March Wrap

Hi! At the beginning of this month, Sonya, our beloved princess and only programmer started to work on the forum. Unfortunately, the forum is not yet finished as it is relatively a big project with a huge chunk of coding needed. Fear not though, as, for the past month, a lot of features had been…
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vn group san fran

Visual Novel Group in San Francisco

Hello everybody, this is Sonya here. It’s another day, and another dollar. As you know, I LOVE getting compliments from people using our engine making cool games, and I was so happy because yesterday a game developer from San Francisco messaged me on discord asking to share his meetup group on our discord! It’s really…
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