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Café Rouge Character Sketches

Hello all, here are the upcoming character bios and sketches of the remake of Café Rouge:

CEO Public Apology

Hello, I want to issue a public apology on my unprofessional-ism on the CloudNovel twitter account. For those who have followed our twitter, you may have seen me posting personal rants and selfies of myself on the official CloudNovel twitter account. The CloudNovel staff have spoken to me about this, and I have deleted all…
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End of Inktober (Take a look at the highlights)

Hello everybody, Sonya here!   Tomorrow is Halloween, which means the end of Inktober, let’s take a look at some highlights from 2018 Inktober:

Inktober Header by Otometaku

CloudNovel Art Challenge: Inktober

Hey guys! Finally, this is the moment we are waiting for: the revival of the Art Challenge! With consideration of everyone’s busy schedules during the school/work year, our future art challenges are going to be mostly monthly.   For our October challenge, allow us to present our October Art Challenge, inspired by Inktober.    What…
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Winners of the Fantasy Contest

Fantasy Land Contest Winners Hey guys, it’s me, Sonya! 😉 Without further ado, here are the winners of the Fantasy Land contest:3rd Place: Wisteria Cafe Wisteria Café takes a slight twist on a slice of life of the main character seeking out a job at Wisteria café, run by a shadow like demon cat! Inside…
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Writing-Challenge week 5!

  Writing-challenge #5 starts!   Hope you all enjoyed week #4 thanks for all your entries ^^ Here we go with the new themes, the 1. one was suggested by Orsus ^^   Themes:   99 Words-limit Nightmares What I want to be/do     Art-challenge-theme: (Art-challenge didn’t end yet)   have fun everyone! ^w^…
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Art Challenge Week 16: Everlasting Summer

As summer comes to close, we present you the week 16 art challenge: Everlasting Summer! I hope that everyone have had a great summer and will continue to have a wonderful (school) year!! Everlasting Summer Draw yourself or an OC (original character) participating in a summer activity Rules Original character. Any summer activity works! (Ex:…
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Download Cafe Rouge

To those who missed the emails sent out during CloudNovel’s 3rd anniversary birthday party, here are the links to the Cafe Rouge downloads: Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Enjoy, thanks for still remembering and wanting to play Cafe Rouge…
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The Neko Personality Quiz

Take the Neko Personality Quiz: Name: Sakura Personality: Shy and mature, loves flowers and tea Winner: ImmortalityName: Aiden Personality: Polite, gentle, caring, and a bit condescending. Like a butler Winner: MustacheSkullsName: Lucy Personality: Happy and energetic Winner: LunaliloName: Viola Personality: Shy and mysterious Winner: Sian2982007 Name: Xavier Personality: Cocky, Sarcastic, but embarrassed when in love Winner:…
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Art Challenge (7/17/18): Create a Vampire

In celebration of CloudNovel’s 3rd birthday’s Cafe Rouge Week our next art challenge is…. VAMPIRE/CREATURE OF THE NIGHT WEEK Create yourself or your OC as a VAMPIRE or CREATURE OF THE NIGHT! We want you to draw your character (or yourself) with FANGS & BLOOD! Here are the rules it MUST have 1. ONLY IF…
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