CloudNovel Engine Development is Paused

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CloudNovel Engine Development is Paused

Hello everyone

This is Sonya, your princess and CEO.

I have an important announcement. Starting today we are halting development on the CloudNovel visual novel engine. After 4 years of development, we feel that the engine is at a stable enough state that qualifies it to be a complete engine. We understand that there is always an improvement, but when a product is finished, we do not want to fix what is not broken. So we feel that if we add any more new features at this point, we are fixing it when it is not a “broken” engine. This however never means that we will absolutely not thinking of adding and improving new features in the future. We will, of course, but just not at this time. Currently, adding a new feature, even a small feature to CloudNovel engine, required us to exert a lot more effort than it used to be. For example, the recent feature we have added, the clicked state for button, choices and options along with the sound for hovered and clicked state ended up producing various bugs that required me to fix it immediately which later disrupted our planned schedule. As a sole programmer of CloudNovel, I think it is fair for me to say that it is not a one-(wo)man workload to keep adding new features and fixing bugs it created.


What does this mean for the future of CloudNovel and other cloud engines? We are going to focus our attention on the much needed CloudAvatar dress up game engine. The past 2 years since we released CloudAvatar we kind of just left it in our closet letting this poor engine gathered dust while we focused our attention on CloudNovel. This is going to change, and our first priority will be CloudAvatar’s dress up game engine from now on. DAX and I will also be working on the important documentation that had been missing since we moved to the new site. We will also be improving the site in general so in other words, only CloudNovel engine development is paused for the sake of general improvement of the whole site.


What about that other Cloud game engine? The one that’s not CloudNovel or CloudAvatar? Oh, well I’m still working on it. Shhh, I can’t talk about it sorry…..I’m sure you guys know which engine I’m talking about. Just know that I’m working on it and it’ll be released eventually.


Thanks for reading this post everyone!

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