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Art Challenge (7/2/18): Create a Magical Girl

In celebration of CloudNovel’s Magical girl mascot “Princess Sonya” our next art challenge is…. MAGICAL GIRL WEEK Create yourself or your OC as a magical girl! That’s right, we want you to design your character or draw yourself in your own magical girl design. What powers would they have? What kind of magic weapon or…
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Story of CloudNovel (So far)

It was never my intention to make a visual novel engine. If you asked me how I ended up making CloudNovel then we have to go way back in 2012 I was 19 years old and I had an idea for a visual novel called Cafe Rouge. It was a story about a vampire cafe…
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New Logo and Mascot

  MASCOT OF CLOUDNOVEL Introducing Princess Sonya We are proud to present our official mascot character of CloudNovel: Princess Sonya Thanks for reading this comic strip! As thanks for opening this email, here is a code for 750 points (please use it to purchase Princess Sonya from the premium resources store, she costs exactly 750 points): PrincessSonyaLovesYou*w* Click…
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