Winners of the Ocean Paradise Jam

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Winners of the Ocean Paradise Jam

Ocean Paradise

Azure Echoes has such great writing, although even though there were some bugs when I chose Cain’s route not Renee’s route, yet the game made me go through Renee’s route anyway. The urban legend pink mermaid story was hilarious, I loved the fortune telling scene. Even though this was a short story, overall it was a great well put together game. I’m going to give Azure Echoes 15,000 points.

Deeper Down has great humor, you play as an anthro bunny who goes to the beach and unwillingly gets thrown into the sea by a couple of naughty girl friends. Overall I liked it, and I’ll give 1000 points to Deeper Down.

Doodlepie is a pet simulation game! It is not complete, but you can tell lots of programming went into this to make it an interactive pet simulation game. Given the effort, I’ll give 10,000 points to Doodlepie.

Mea Huna is both a gorgeous visual novel and has funny writing. You are summoned by Basilius a shark merman king who asks you to save their underwater kingdom by a quest to meet the sea witch. It has a lot of fun characters and gorgeously drawn art. I really like it, so I’ll give 15,000 points to Mea Huna.


Rainbowfish is a great Asian inspired story. You play as a princess who escapes to the local city to explore the legends of the Heidou province. Fei is a pretty cute bodyguard who teleports through portals and is a legendary champion who won tournaments all for winning the chance to be you, the first Princess’s body guard. Overall I really liked it, so I’ll give 15,000 points to Rainbowfish.

This is my entry to the ocean paradise jam, it’s a meme game based on the staff members of CloudNovel, Dax, Fluff and me (Sonya). It’s a short but crazy adventures of us being turned into mermaids.


My favorite is Zodiac Stories’ story, Pnígike Paradise. It has a great storyline and a great ending. It is a complete visual novel, and both endings to this story is great. I love it so much, I’ll give 15,000 points to Pnígike Paradise.


To see all the past entrants of the ocean paradise jam, you can find it here in this landing page:

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