I’m resigning as CEO

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I’m resigning as CEO

Hello everyone,

This is Sonya and I have news for you. You can guess from the title but I will be resigning as of today.

CloudNovel had always been my dream ever since I knew about visual novels. I had been working on it for almost 4 years now. CloudNovel was my passion. Yes, was. Thanks to CloudNovel, I was able to meet with awesome people like fluffness and DAX. I was also supported by a hardworking team of moderator and not to mention, endless gratitude to our investors, Ryan and his team. All of them, including you who are reading this post right now, are the most amazing people I’ve ever met on the Earth.

Unfortunately, things have changed over the last several months, and even I was no exception. I’ve met my billionaire boyfriend and we have decided to get married. Since it was his family tradition to not let his wife working, I have decided to become a trophy wife to my billionaire husband. I’ve always imagined myself getting married to someone crazy rich (just like crazy rich asians) and retiring early. I thought it was just a nonsense a girl dreamed but fate always had their own way to play with people’s life. My dream husband does exist and proposed to me! How can I reject him? After all, I am just like any other woman. I want to spend the rest of my life with a loving husband even if that means I had to pay a price for it which in this case, my long-life dream and passion, CloudNovel.

Fret not, however, CloudNovel will still be alive… just without me.

So, I am pleased to announce the newest CEO and owner of CloudNovel, fluffness.

Fluffness has been a long time moderator and has proven herself responsible enough to run the entire website, always creating new bugs. So, before it was me who fixed all the bugs, it is now time for her to take the baton and fixing all the bugs that she finds herself.

Fluffness is now Princess and CEO, and per her request, we are immediately changing the name of CloudNovel to “Black Market” as she has always wanted it to be named black market, from those who are in the discord and know the history of Fluff’s chaotic ramblings.

I hope you can understand our decision for this is not a bad news but a happy one! It may take a little while to get used with this change but I know you can do it! Other than this change of owner, nothing really changes in CloudNovel or currently known as Black Market.

Thank you for reading, wish me good luck in my new married life!


Sonya Fung

Founder of CloudNovel or “Black Market”



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