Art Challenge (7/17/18): Create a Vampire

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Art Challenge (7/17/18): Create a Vampire

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In celebration of CloudNovel’s 3rd birthday’s Cafe Rouge Week our next art challenge is….


Create yourself or your OC as a VAMPIRE or CREATURE OF THE NIGHT! We want you to draw your character (or yourself) with FANGS & BLOOD!

Here are the rules it MUST have

1. ONLY IF YOU DRAW A VAMPIRE, your character must have fangs.

Image result for anime vampire fangs


That’s it, we only require that if you create a demon, vampire, or creature of the night, it must have something spooky or scary to show that is it INDEED a creature of the night, whether that me smoking hot vampire fangs or demon butlers with red eyes *hint hint*

Impress us with your own design of a Vampire or Creature of the night of your OC!

Good luck!

Make sure to send a PM to Sonya with your design. or post your art in the art-challenge channel on discord or send a discord message to Sonya on discord to make sure your art work is submitted for the gallery showcase.

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