Announcing Easter Jam 2019

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Announcing Easter Jam 2019


Spring has come. CloudNovel is organizing a new jam to challenge the creativity of CloudNovelists.

The rules of this jam are a bit different from our previous jams. Please read them thoroughly.

Every valid entry will be awarded, so don’t be worried about not being able to reach the the top 3.



Main Theme: Easter
Additional Themes (you can choose one, more than one, or all): Spring, Easter Holiday, Bunnies, Chicks, Easter Eggs, Flowers, Nature, Comedy, Happy Endings


Period: April 21st – May 20th, 2019



CloudNovel Points

EACH valid entry will be awarded with an amount of CloudNovel points based on the quality of your entry. Max award for each entry: 25,000 CP

General Rules:

  • You can enter the jam alone or as a team (please choose one member as a representative to enter the jam and make sure you add other teammates as collaborator)In the case of a team entry, the prize will be split among the members.
  • You can start making your game anytime. However, you are not allowed to publish your entry until the jam officially starts.
  • You can’t enter an existing game.
  • Fangames aren’t considered as a valid entry. Your work must be original. No plagiarism especially art theft shall be tolerated.
  • Your game must be centered on one of the themes. It can’t be something that just appears in the story but without an important role in it. Please state the theme of your game in description.
  • You can enter a demo of your game, but you won’t be able to receive the prize until you finish your game. Only finished games are eligible for final rankings.
  • You have to publish your entry within the contest period. Once the time is over, we will decide how many points to give you based on what you have done until then. If your entry is a demo, you have to complete the game afterward (no time limit) to get the prize, but what you make after the contest period won’t add any extra points. Please refrain from updating your game after deadline until results are out.
  • Your entries may not disparage other religions or cultural beliefs.


Visual Novels’ Rules:

  • Only English entries are considered as a valid entry.
  • Entries must have more than 3000 words to be considered as valid entries.
  • You are allowed to use free assets for your entry, but you must credit their owner (make sure the resource can be used for commercial projects).
  • The final version of your game must have at least around 30 mins of gameplay (otherwise you won’t receive the reward)


Dress Up Games’ Rules:

  • The art must be original.
  • The background and music can be free resources but they must be credited.


Evaluation Process:

Once the contest reaches the deadline, we will be evaluating whether your entry is a valid invalid entry. All invalid entries will be eliminated from the final ranking.

Next, we will judge your entries from the following aspect:

For Visual Novel entries:

  • Design (art, GUI, music etc)
  • Synergy (how well sprites, background, music, etc blend with each other)
  • Plot (writing, VN idea)
  • Creativity (how well you use CloudNovel engine)
  • Length/completion: At least 3000 words

For Dress Up games:

  • The design of your character.
  • The variety of pieces.
  • The synergy between your character and the button.
  • The originality of the design.
  • The ease of use when going through the pieces.

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