Winners of the Fantasy Contest

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Winners of the Fantasy Contest

Fantasy Land Contest Winners
Hey guys, it’s me, Sonya! ūüėČ
Without further ado, here are the winners of the Fantasy Land contest:3rd Place: Wisteria Cafe

Wisteria Café takes a slight twist on a slice of life of the main character seeking out a job at Wisteria café, run by a shadow like demon cat! Inside there are waiters with bunny ears, a demon/elf waiter, and a green fairy.

Overall this demo has gorgeous art done by the talented Lumina X. Even though it has no music, it has very nice UI and characters designs! We hope lumina will continue this promising story, so congrats on winning 3rd place!

2nd Place: Draconian Atlas

Draconian atlas follows the story of Moon, an adventurer, who goes on a treasure hunt with her two friends, Tychon and Garrynon. After a drunk night of drinking, she wakes up with a slight hangover as she begins her day with these two boys.

This is a very adventuresque and classic medieval middle age setting that is suitable for a fantasy story. It uses mythical creatures such as Chimeras, Elves, and more.

Overall the art style is very unique, even though there is no music, there are some nice game mechanics and good use of choices as well as arrows to let you explore different rooms of Moon’s house. What I love most about this visual novel is that it uses traditionally drawn water color backgrounds for the BG art. It really adds a uniqueness to this game.

Congrats on winning 2nd place!

1st Place (it’s a tie):
Deelyth, the Khat’ar Warrior and¬†Neverwinter


The story of Neverwinter follows Tak, an overworked minor working in a mine that that treats its workers like slaves in slave labor. One day, her friend Alek tells her there is a ship that she can escape to and so she could escape her tiring and tedious life. So begins the adventure of Tak.

First off I want to say the art is gorgeous as always as expected from the talented artist Black Grin. The character designs of Tak and Alek are both very unique, who knew red skin color would look so striking and fit so well!

Second the music is fantastic, the soundtracks feel mellow and gives off the same feeling you would expect the main character Tak would be feeling of a tedious day of her life.

Even though this game was just a short demo, overall it was very well executed, character designs are done well, beautiful choice of colors and style of drawing, and well picked soundtracks for the music of the game! It really sucks you into the story of Tak, the overworked minor seeking an escape of her mundane life! Congratulations on winning 1st place!

Deelyth, the Khat’ar Warrior:

Deelyth, the Khat’ar Warrior takes place in the fantasy world of Valmerhia in Rondo Kingdom. The Rondo Kingdom has a successful economy sustaining its civilians and is a world renowned city where many diverse groups of people all around the world come around to visit. There is a legend about their Goddess who resides in a forbidden forest, who in order to protect the world of Valmerhia the Goddess gave birth to a child in human form that could speak the same tongue as the humans.

The choice of music of this visual novel is the most beautiful of all the other visual novels entered in the fantasy contest. Immediately you feel that you are surrounded in the world of Valmerhia.

The CGs are also well done, there are a lot of nice details in the illustrations and the style is rustic and very much feels like from a book similar to Lord Of the Rings.

Overall this visual novel really envelopes the fantasy elements of a Fantasy story. Overall well done and congrats on winning 1st place!

Now onto the runner ups! (You will all receive 1500 points for being a runner up)

Mary and The Emotionless Sed


The Clan Heir

To Love Another

That’s all everyone, thanks to everyone who participated in the Fantasy Jam.

Prizes:1st place gets 50,000 points & special custom rank
2nd place gets 10,000 points & special rank (Enchantress or Wizard)
3rd place gets 5,000 points

(I will send you the prizes the coming Wednesday 9/19/18)

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