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Engine News – March Wrap

Hi! At the beginning of this month, Sonya, our beloved princess and only programmer started to work on the forum. Unfortunately, the forum is not yet finished as it is relatively a big project with a huge chunk of coding needed. Fear not though, as, for the past month, a lot of features had been…
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Secret 002

Little Did You Know: Secret 002

Heya, CloudNovelist! This Empress is back again with more secrets buried deeply in CloudNovel. Well, actually not really… In fact, I’m surprised when I found out that some CloudNovelist did not know about these so-called ‘secrets’. Without further ado, I will reveal the secrets that you might not know too.   Secret #1 Apparently, we…
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Love is in The Air

Love is in The Air: Valentine Special

Hello, Cloudnovelists! This week has a very pink atmosphere around it because this week we have Valentine’s Day!. Did you all have a romantic day? Cloudnovel is here to recommend some more romance for you to snuggle in for this week! Starting with… High School Otome by Sonya and Hyesunxoxo! As you can guess from…
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Little Did You Know

Little Did You Know: Secret 001

Hola, CloudNovelist~ In this post, your majesty moderator is here to uncover Princess Sonya’s little secret! WHAT? Princess Sonya has a secret? Humu, humu! You don’t know, right~ Fufufu~ Do not worry. CloudNovelist, this Empress is here to expose Princess Sonya! Mwahahaha! Secret #1 WE HAVE BULK UPLOAD! Gaspu! We did? Since when? YES, WE…
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Halloween Jam

Halloween Jam Result

Hello, everyone! Halloween Jam has ended a long time ago and we are sorry for the late review of the entries. We encountered some technical problems while reviewing such as bug, bug and bug? Aiya?! …….ANYWAY! Putting all the bugs aside, we have finally finished our assessment and we are very much excited to share…
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Why My Project is Disapproved?

Not too long ago, the CloudNovel staff has been working on disapproving and approving all of the public visual novels and dress up games on CloudNovel site. Why are we doing this? It is to make sure CloudNovel can provide a good quality visual novels and dress up games to all of you. WHAT? Then…
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week 3

Writing Challenge Week 3

Hello and heya! If you don’t know, we have been doing Writing Challenge in discord for weeks and for the first time ever, we are going to put it on the blog from now and onwards. Submitted entries will be put on the visual novel showcase, Writing Challenge. This week is the third week we…
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Art Challenge Week 15: Angel vs Devil

Hello, everyone~ As usual, we will be having our weekly challenge and this week challenge is….dum, dum, dum!     Rules 1. You have to draw a character with two personality which is as an Angel and Devil. 2. Keep it SFW. How to Participate? Once you are done, send your artwork either through: CloudNovel…
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Art Challenge Week 13: Fantasy Race

As you can see from the banner on the front page, we are having Fantasy Contest, thus this week challenge theme is: Drumroll, please… Fantasy Race   Draw yourself or your OC as a Fantasy Race.  Be creative! We want you to fantasize about the fantasy! Rules 1. Your entries must be based on the fantasy genre.…
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